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Nov 17, 2012 4:00am PST
, all-around good guy. jeffrey pyne says he didn't kill his mother. his surviving family says he didn't do it. but prosecutors began making their case. jeffrey pyne sat expressionless, as prosecutors told the jury how he bludgeoned, stabbed and killed his mother, ruth. >> he hit her. and he hit her again. and again. >> reporter: played in court, 911 tapes of the horror witnessed by jeffrey pyne's father and sister, who found ruth pyne's body. >> i don't know what's going on. >> okay. is she in the house or outside? >> she's in the garage. >> reporter: prosecutors contend jeffrey pyne killed his mother in anger from years of abuse. ruth pyne was bipolar and violent. she was arrested for beating and choking her son just nine months before her death. the defense maintains jeffrey pyne is innocent. >> somebody else committed this crime. we believe the evidence will show you that. >> reporter: but prosecutors showed some startling evidence of their own. photos of blisters on jeffrey's hands, hours after the murder. he said he got them throwing a shipping pallet. >> i expect a splinter or s
Nov 21, 2012 7:00am PST
believes jeffrey pyne is guilty of the crime. abc's john muller has all of the detail this is morning. >> reporter: it was a confrontational day for the defense. >> you don't know who killed ruth pyne. >> yes, i do. >> you do? >> reporter: jeffrey pyne's attorneys saying he couldn't know for sure who killed ruth pyne. >> you were in the garage? >> i was not in the garage. i'm basing my opinion based on the evidence as i know it. and my own observations. >> so that's an many. thank you. >> reporter: but the prosecution wasn't about to let it end there. >> when it comes to his alibi, he lied about where he was at. he lied about what he was doing. was i in that garage? i was not in that garage. but my opinion is that jeffrey pyne killed his mother. >> reporter: the 22-year-old maintains he was at work all day when his mother was brutally murdered. but on monday, a paramedic on the scene testified he overheard pyne tell his father, he saw his mother inside the house, less than two hours before her body was discovered. and that she was alive and well. >> i did hear jeffrey pyne say to his
Nov 19, 2012 7:00am PST
those wounds to jeffrey pyne's hands is expected to testify. of key interest those massive blisters on son jeffrey's hands. 22-year-old jeffrey pyne watched stone-faced as prosecutors wasted no time hammering away with their strongest evidence. >> he lied about how he got those. >> reporter: startling photographs of pyne's hands covered with massive blisters. the photograph taken just hours after his mother was found brutally murdered. he's accused of bludgeoning and stabbing ruth pyne inside their suburban michigan home may of 2011. >> he hit her in the back of the head. and he hit her again. >> reporter: pyne's former boss from a farmer's market testified jeffrey got the beliefers on the job throwing a shipping pallet. he also testified the investigation didn't add up. >> it did seem odd to me. i'd expect more of a splinter or scrape more than what rye -- than what looked like a rope burn. >> reporter: a strong showing for the prosecution who also played 911 tapes of the horrific moment after pyne's father and sister found ruth pyne's body. >> she's laying in the garage. there's b
Nov 16, 2012 7:00am EST
pyne is the same jeffrey pyne is the same valedictorian and a university of michigan biology student. but today, ten women and four men will hear opening statements in pyne's first-degree murder trial. the 22-year-old accused of killing his own mother. in 2011, ruth pyne's body was found bludgeoned and stabbed 16 times in their home. >> the prosecutors focused on jeffrey. >> reporter: after five months of an investigation, jeffrey was charged in october 2011 of beating her to death and locked up without bond. pyne's father told abc news, he believes he is innocent. a sentiment shared in the community. it took a judge 2 days to final 14 impartial jurors. >> the people in the community are hugely supportive of this young man. even people whwho believe he ma have killed his mother. >> i absolutely don't believe that jeffrey pyne is guilty of this murder. he loved his mother very much. >> reporter: but court records show ruth had a history of mental illness for 14 years. and nine months before her death, she was accused of trying to strangle jeffrey and spent two weeks in jail. >> we did
Nov 29, 2012 7:00am PST
that continues to stand behind him, heard from jeffrey pyne. >> did you do anything at all today to hurt your mom? >> no. no. >> reporter: pyne, a former high school valedictorian in 2008, stands accused of beating his mother, ruth, to death in the family's michigan garage in 2011. friends and neighbors refuse to believe he did it. prosecutors say he had a motive and opportunity. >> she got home from grocery shopping. and i helped her bring the groceries in. >> reporter: sitting in court wednesday, the 22-year-old showed little emotion. a stark contrast from the man jurors watched in this police interrogation video, shot hours after the murder. >> i'm having a hard enough time. >> reporter: in the tape, police can be seen checking pyne's body for signs of a struggle. >> can you take the bandages off your hands for us? >> reporter: officers also photographed injuries on his hand, blisters pyne said he got lifting wooden pallets at his job. >> i mean she's just -- she's always been a -- really nice lady. >> reporter: prosecutors suggest that was a lie. that ruth pyne had a history of mental illness
Nov 13, 2012 7:00am PST
that son. the son said he didn't do it. an entire community has rallied around him. jeffrey pyne was, by all accounts, the perfect son. a university of michigan biology student. he was the high school valedictorian and star athlete. but later today, the 22-year-old goes on trial, accused of viciously murdering his own mother. ruth pyne's body was found bludgeoned and stabbed repeatedly inside the garage of her family's idyllic home in 2011. >> the whole thing, you know, really upset the entire neighborhood. >> reporter: after five months of investigating, her son, jeffrey, was indicted, charged with beating her to death and put in jail. >> i really don't think jeffrey did it. he was no threat for five months. why was he all of a sudden a threat? >> reporter: ruth's husband, pyne's father, tells abc news, he believes his son is innocent. but by all accounts, what happened in this suburban home is a complicated story. court records show ruth had a history of mental illness and was allegedly often violent. in 2010, she was accused of attacking jeffrey, allegedly beating him and attempti
Nov 13, 2012 7:00am EST
to commit the murder? >> reporter: little is known about the evidence against jeffrey pyne. prosecutors point to wounds on his hands after the killing. jeffrey said he was at work at the time of the murder and maintains he's innocent. and this morning, as his trial begins, his neighbors and former teachers and much of the community where he grew up agree. >> we don't feel that the real murderer has been caught. we feel there's someone out here that did it, other than jeffrey. >> reporter: in fact, the defense for jeffrey pyne is expected to say just that. that the wrong guy is locked up while the real murderer is out there. despite the family history, the defense is not expected to claim he snapped or acted in self-defense. they say he's innocent. >>> for more, let's bring in "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams. let's start off where john left off. you would think this might be a self-defense issue because of the prior attack. >> you look at all these facts. and it seems like exactly the kind of case where the defense would say, she attacked him. he defended himself. and this is what happen
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)